Thanks everyone who was able to attend this first Voice User Group meeting. It was great to see you!

We covered a lot of things in not much time:

  • Introductions - who is who at Voice Online Communities CIC and Superhighways.
  • Funding - Voice is currently funded through the Digital Foundations project, which is great as it covers hosting and development costs for several years.
  • There was a quick whiz-through demonstration of the admin pages of a Voice site, in particular around some newer and lesser known features.
  • We went to the Forums to show people how to use these to post questions. This really is the best place to ask support questions!
  • We had a demo from the admin of the Kingston Carers site showing how they'd set things up.
  • There were quite a few questions raised which we have tried to answer, and some that are yet unanswered but we will get back to the askers soon!

There are some slides available here from this first meeting.

There's also a YouTube Video of the demonstration parts of this meeting. Despite being a high-speed whiz through lots of site features it's still nearly an hour long! Perhaps make a cup of tea before watching?

The Forums

For technical and 'how to' questions (and bug reports!) we recommend asking on the forums.

This may seem more painful than email, but it has the advantage that other users can learn from the answers. You can search the forums for previous answers, so you may already find what you need there without having to ask!

There's an article about using the forums here.

Note that groups based in London can get free one-to-one support from Superhighways. Nice!


The next meeting will be on 23rd February 2023 at 10am

If you are interested in attending, please register here (you'll need to log in). You can also suggest topics/questions that you'd like to cover.