Thanks to the 30ish people who attended this Voice User Group meeting. It was great to see you!

Below you'll find a link to a video of the demonstration parts of the meeting.

This is what we covered:

  • Introductions - who is who at Voice and Superhighways, and reminder of why there's a London focus to some of the work.
    (Spoiler alert: It's the money. It's always the money!)
  • Breakout rooms where attendees said Hi to a couple of other people, and could briefly discuss what challenges they have with their websites.
  • A look at the Documentation, to see if everyone could find the solution to their challenges.
    • If not, we now know which documentation needs adding next! :-)
  • Demonstration of adding Videos and Media Galleries to websites.
  • A Show and Tell from Alan at Euphonix about how they use the groups and members features of Voice to manage their choir membership. Thank you!
  • A look at different ways to create News sections on a website - including using the Weblog app, the default News folder and Latest News includelet, and the Filtered Item List and Filtered Item List Keywords includelets.
  • A think about future meetings and times.
    The next meeting will be held in the usual slot of Thursday at 10am, but we will gather feedback about the best time for future meetings.



Here is the YouTube Video of the demonstration parts of this meeting (with most of the chatty bits cut out).


The Forums

As usual, for technical and 'how to' questions (and bug reports!) we recommend asking on the forums.

This may seem more painful than email, but it has the advantage that other users can learn from the answers. You can search the forums for previous answers, so you may already find what you need there without having to ask!

It's also helpful for us because if someone asks a question on the Forums, we can then infer that the documentation for that feature is inadequate, and can do something about it!

There's an article about using the forums here.

Note that groups based in London can get free one-to-one support from Superhighways. Nice!


The next meeting will be on Thursday 8th June 2023 at 10am

If you are interested in attending, please register here (you'll need to log in). You can also suggest topics/questions that you'd like to cover.