Kingston Community School:

We are hosting a day at St Peter's for Kingston Community School on Friday, 15th December.

In the morning the year 1 children will come to explore the Christmas Story. In the afternoon frrom 2pm, there will be a school Christmas concert followed bt a Christmas fair in the church. As part of this we will be offering a place for simple creative praying. Help for this will be welcome, please contact the Vicar, Peter Holmes on 0208 546 3212 or speak to him personally.


Kingsnympton Youth Centre:

The opening celebration will take place on Thursday, 7th December from 7.30pm to 9pm at the youth centre. All  Are  Welcome!


                                                                                                           A Prayer of Thanksgiving

                                                                                     We give you thanks, Loving God, for:

                                                                                     Those who have ministered to us in our time of need;

                                                                                     Those who have visited us when we were ill;

                                                                                     Those who have freed us from prisons of fear or lack of confidence;

                                                                                     Those who have listened when we have needed to talk.

                                                                                      Bless them, encourage them in their ministries,

                                                                                      and strengthen us to follow their example of self-giving and compassion.