Save 50% on seeds from Suttons and also Thompson and Morgans with the discount scheme for members. Worthwhile discounts are also available on other selected products.

Members of the society are able to order seeds and other horticultural items at substantial discounts from Thompson and Morgan and Suttons. Both schemes now work in a similar way by issuing a code unique to our group which must be quoted whenever an order is placed by phone, post or online. Discounts cannot be applied retrospectively. The codes can be used throughout the year as many times as you wish.

The discount Thompson and Morgan offer is 50% for seed and 15% for other live products (eg plants, bulbs etc). Please note that the discount applies to live products only.

Suttons offer a discount of 50% off packet seeds and 15% off all other products except gift vouchers, some equipment not held in their warehouse and post and packing charges when you order on-line.  You can also order by phone and post.

Please look carefully at the current information when you place an order. The easiest way to order is online where full information on all products is available, but if you would like a catalogue and/or printed order form a few will be available at our meetings. If you are new to the society or have not used the scheme before please speak to Lyn Kilbride, KEHS Seed Order Co-ordinator, or ask any Committee Member for more information.