Barnwood Trust - Grants to individuals in Gloucestershire.

Barnwood Trust provide grants to people with disabilities and mental health challenges living in Gloucestershire. There are two funds, A Wellbeing Fund, enables individuals to live more independently by helping with the purchase of domestic appliances, personal items, adaptions, etc., and an Opportunities Award opens the way for individuals to try something new which may lead to employment, volunteering or give you the ability to help others. Can also be used to fund training or equipment that will enhance your ability to pursue a hobby.

To find out more visit Barnwood Trust Grants.


Small Sparks Grants available to help you do your thing. Visit and search for Small Sparks Grants to find out more. Celebrating and inspiring inclusive community in Gloucestershire. Working to connect people, fund projects and share knowledge in Gloucestershire.


Stroud Rotary has a Community Awards scheme open to support organisations within the Stroud area with a small grant which will make a real difference.  Closing date 30 September.  Find out more at