These Choralia audio files are edited to come in a few bars before your voice-part's entry. If the audio cuts out mid-way through a track, it's because there's a long section in which your voice-part isn't singing. Such sections are replaced by a 3 second gap, with the audio coming back in a few bars before your next singing entry. Mind the gap. There are no dynamics in the audio tracks, but there are in the Youtube videos.

 Mass in Blue


Sop Alto Tenor Bass All

1. Kyrie - emphasise voice-part

2. Gloria - emphasise voice-part




       Gloria - slow tempo


3. Credo - emphasise voice-part

       Credo - slow tempo


4. Sanctus - emphasise voice-part


5. Benedictus - emphasise voice-part


6. Agnus Dei - emphasise voice-part




             Kyrie in d - Mozart












































Missa Brevis St Joannis de Deo


  Sop Alto Tenor Bass All 

1. Kyrie


 2. Gloria


3. Credo


4. Sanctus


 5. Benedictus


6. Agnus Dei

7. Mozart - Kyrie in d