4th Oct. 2005

Coe's Meadow Management Committee


Minutes of the Committee meeting in Village Hall held Tuesday 4th October 2005



Those present:


Ted Wood (Chair), Steve Cant, Irene Dickinson, Simon Harris, Sean Maynard, Ken Mills, Jeff Wright.

There were 5 members of the public present.




1. Apologies

These were received from Rachel Duncan


2. Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes were approved


3. Matters arising


  1. Path extension around pond.

The path will remain fenced off from Vicars Orchard pending further discussions by TW with  the concerned resident. Committee will give further consideration to preventing bikes passing through hedge further along the boundary.


  2. Path/Car park entrance

We are waiting for Wiles to complete the work. The final car park entrance surface is contracted to be tarmac, but TW will explore with Wiles the possibility of rolling in pea shingle.                                                     

Action: Ted Wood, Steve Cant, Ken Mills


  3. Play Equipment

SC reported that the replaced Snail Queen was now rocking in the ground, and that the benches on the basketball area were also rocking. TW agreed to follow up with Timberplay.

There is continued uncertainty about whether there has been any inspection by staff from BDC. KM to follow up.

Action: Ted Wood, Steve Cant, Ken Mills


  4. Securing tree trunks in car park area

Further steel rods have been delivered and these will be fitted by KM and TW.


4. Basket Ball Area and Noise Problems


TW had sent a letter, from the Franklins to the Parish Council re the noise, to all members for their comments. These had been received, and as they were extensive TW had summarised them and he tabled the attached document. The committee discussed each point of the summary and members emphasised their private views.

The Franklins, who were present, were invited to comment. They expressed their views forcibly stating that "summer had been hell" and that they had not known when to sit out. They had experienced "mouthfuls of abuse" and complained about "dozens of sessions of youths making a noise at 5am". They continue to want to have the basket ball area moved to a different area.


The committee further discussed the problem and decided that:


 a. It was not prepared to recommend to the Parish Council that the basket ball area be moved


 b. The pole supporting the hoop would be lagged - SC to arrange.

Action: Steve cant

 c. Bare root plants of laurel etc would be planted to form a screen between the Franklins and the basket ball area.  SH to put forward to the committee a planting proposal.

Action: Simon Harris

 d. Further research would be made into sound attenuating surfaces such as all weather surfaces - SC to follow up.

Action: Jeff Wright

 e. A visit would be made to the Franklins garden to experience the noise from their viewpoint, and for the Franklins  to visit a sports surface in Braintree which JW and KM had examined. This had reduced the volume and the pitch of the noise making the bounce softer. JW and KM to follow up.

Action: Ken Mills


5. Publicity

RD had raised with TW the difficulty of getting people to turn out for working parties. It was suggested that a note should be sent specifically to the list of Friends of Coe's Meadow. Regarding general publicity there was a requirement from the funders to publicise activities in the local press etc. but the committee felt that this was only appropriate when some largish event was taking place. SH mentioned the Green Flag award and suggested we went in for this; he would complete the entry form for submission early next spring.

Action: Rachel Duncan & Simon Harris


6. Notice Boards

JW is still exploring several suppliers of notice boards that might be suitable for the parish board at the bottom of the avenue. It was noted that the existing notice board is in the area to be put to tarmac by Wiles. As the new one will not be ready before the Wiles work is complete, it was agreed that Wiles should be asked to remove the old one and set it in the earth bank to the meadow side of the path. Regarding the other smaller signs the timber has been ordered, and Brian Smiles is to cut and shape the timber prior to LAH doing the lettering.

Regarding the wording ID is to propose such for the car park, and SH for the other signs. These to be put to the committee before commissioning.

ID brought to the meeting a wooden plaque bearing the Coe Meadow logo. The committee expressed its great thanks to Jerry Franklin for the magnificent carved oak piece, which he had created. It is to be hung on one of the car park gates.

 Action: Irene Dickinson


7. The Limes Walk

SH issued a Landscape Plan proposal for the walk, prepared by David Cox, which was going to be expensive; it was set aside by the committee.

SH issued a list of jobs to be carried out by voluntary labour in October or November; this includes planting bulbs between the limes. This could not be done until the Wiles work was complete. It was agreed to carry out the work in two parts. The first working party would meet at 3pm on Saturday 22nd October. SC will ask Wiles to pull out the tree stump near the car park gate.

Action: All members 


8. Opening of the Meadow

The general feeling of the meeting was to have a grand picnic possibly including a hog roast sometime in the summer next year.


9. Any Other Business

ID pointed out that there was a damp patch at the bottom of the lime avenue path near the road, and some blue marking on the road. This perhaps suggested a water movement - TW to follow up with Wiles. ID asked whether the manure heap which she provides for the benefit of Vicars Orchard residents should remain there when the area is planted. It was agreed to leave it there and to create some boarding to retain the heap subject to ID and the residents keeping it tidy.

Action: Ted Wood

Mike Crome asked the committee if he could move the information re the CMMC to his new website - this was agreed.


Date for the next meeting

It was agreed to next meet on Tuesday 15th November at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. TW to arrange the booking.