22nd March 2006 - Ord. Mtg


Coe’s Meadow Management Committee


 Minutes of Committee meeting in Village Hall on Wednesday 22nd March 2006




Those present:   Ted Wood (Chair), Steve Cant, Irene Dickinson, Rachel Duncan, Ken Mills and Jeff Wright. There were 5 members of the public present.







These were received from Simon Harris.




Minutes of the previous meeting held 21st February.
The minutes were approved.




Matters arising


Securing tree trunks in car park area.
This is still outstanding but KM and TW will endeavour to complete this work during the coming weeks.



Ken Mills

Ted Wood


Notice board.
TW reported that he had received from Living Spaces a small plaque which could be placed on the main notice board; this was passed over to JW for eventual mounting. KM had passed over to JW the requirements re Doorstep Greens and Living Spaces.


Seating around the meadow.
KM reported that the seats had been delivered and are now paid for. KM will hope to get the seats installed in the coming weeks.


Opening of meadow.
TW reported that he had received no reply from David Monk to his invitation to open the meadow.


Urban Forestry snagging list.
An inspection has been carried out by James Blake Associates (Rachel Bodiam) with TW and KM present along with Ian Choules of Urban Forestry. A snagging list was produced; KM read this out for information and stated that UF had expected to be able to complete the work in the next two weeks; however nothing seems to have been done. SC pointed out that there appears to be some dead hedge plants along the eastern boundary.   









Ken Mills and helpers


Noise reduction from the basket ball court.

TW read out a letter he had received from the Parish Council to CMMC (previously circulated to members along with a copy of the letter from the Franklins to the Council). This requested the CMMC to obtain a costing for the relocation of the basketball area to another part of the meadow - a suggested location behind the football goal had been discussed at the last Parish Council meeting. TW then read out a draft letter of response which contained comments re the Franklin’s letter and then expressed the CMMC intention to seek tenders from 3 contractors to carry out specified work aimed at moving the basket ball area in a way to achieve the overall aims of the meadow design. The members agreed the letter subject to item 1 being split in two to allow for two options, namely, an asphalt surface as at present, or alternatively a sports surface with (say) 40mm rubberised surface which would probably have a different under structure.


SC stated he had been advised of two locations of this form of surface but expected to receive soon a full list of such locations from the supplier. Irrespective of the unwillingness of the supplier to provide any noise reduction guarantee for outdoor use, members believed it right to experience the effect on noise of the surface material. SC is to follow up urgently on the list. 


TW invited comment from the public:-
Mr S. Ward stated that the noise issue related to children’s noise and playing football as well as the basket ball bounce. Unlike in one’s own garden there was no one able to say ‘Stop now, please.’ He recommended to the committee a notice board asking those on the meadow to enjoy the facilities but to respect the wish of local residents to enjoy some quietness in their own gardens.  He also recommended a code (voluntary) of not using the basketball area on (say) Sunday afternoons (particularly through the summer months). He noted that by the Parish Council’s request to obtain a costing for relocation the present situation will continue through this summer before any work will be completed.

Mr J. Franklin complained yet again that the committee had taken no action throughout the last year. This was strongly refuted by members of the committee, and the Chairman halted further discussion.

It was agreed that TW would draw up a specification for the work to be carried out with the help of other committee members and this would be circulated to all members before being issued to tender. SC suggested that Mr Day of Braintree DC might have a view on how to resolve this issue - SC to follow this up.      











Steve Cant











Ted Wood

Steve Cant


Report from Doorstep Greens meeting.

TW had attended a one day meeting with others developing similar greens. They had similar problems e.g. the noise of children, litter, vandalism etc. various solutions emerged but none for noise. It was suggested that we could possibly use the wood near the eastern boundary as a woodpile for wildlife etc. ID was asked to consider how this might be achieved. Another issue was the cost of maintenance. TW has been advised that the Parish Council will meet the cost of grass cutting and that EET do have funds available for this sort of requirement.



Irene Dickinson



Production of notice board

A little progress has been made on this since the last meeting but JW will ensure members will have details on the purpose built notice board before the next meeting. It was agreed that when Wiles Ltd. cut holes for the notice board they should also install two iroko wood posts just off the pavement at the bottom of the avenue.






Jeff Wright




Further work along lime avenue

With SH not present he had written a short report which TW read out. The wigloo is installed but KM felt that rabbits were perhaps enjoying the young willow shoots. It was agreed that the best remedy was to put up a small fence around the whole structure until it was able to survive on its own. SC was asked to do this. A working party is needed to prepare the ground for grass seed sowing. RD was asked to liaise with SH for a suggested date. The pond level is low - it was agreed that SH should contact the pond adviser at ECC.


Steve Cant

Rachel Duncan

Simon Harris


Goal Posts and Net

There is a need to move the posts to a less worn area and to replace the net. SM is to arrange this including the fitting of a net which has been donated.


Sean Maynard


Any other business and next meeting.


There was no further business. The next meeting is to be on Tuesday 16th May.