22nd March 2006 - AGM

Coe’s Meadow Management Committee


Minutes of Annual General Meeting in Village Hall on Wednesday 22nd March 2006


Those present:   Ted Wood (Chair), Steve Cant, Irene Dickinson, Rachel Duncan, Ken Mills and Jeff Wright. There were 5 members of the public present.




These were received from Simon Harris.



Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting
he minutes (as attached) were read out by the Chairman and approved by the committee. There were no matters arising from these minutes.



Accounts for the 12 months ending 31st December 2005

KM presented, and took the committee members through, a draft receipts and payments account for the last financial year. There were no queries from the members or the public; the committee agreed to recommend the accounts for adoption by the Parish Council. The accounts will be independently examined before going to the Parish Council for adoption

KM also presented a schedule giving summary accounts of the two phases of work since the inception of the Lawrence Coe Recreational Trust. The initial phase was the development of outline plans and a project plan to facilitate the raising of funds. The second phase is the ongoing creation work. Payments exceeded receipts by £1,785.67 for the work in the first phase, whilst currently the creation phase is £533.95 in credit. As the prime role of the CMMC has been to raise and deploy funds for the creation work KM recommended that the Parish Council be asked to write off the debt incurred by the initial phase of project preparation. The committee agreed to this.  


Re-election of members.

The chairman of the Parish Council took the chair. Whilst only a proportion of the committee need stand down, all members present were asked if they were prepared to continue in their role. This was affirmed and as no other person had put their names forward they were deemed re-elected. The two committee members not present had not indicated a desire to stand down, and subject to their being asked, will be considered a continuing member of the committee. Ted Wood was re-elected as Chairman. 



There being no further business the meeting closed.