Making the decision to take action is difficult, no question. Fortunately, getting started with ASCA is easy.

If you are looking to meet with one of our counsellors, just give us a call - no doctor referrals needed, and our expert team will quickly arrange what we call 'an assessment'. This is simply an initial chat so that we understand more about you, your experiences and your situation. It gives the information we need to match you up with the counsellor that's right for you.

Once we have assigned your counsellor, you simply arrange your weekly sessions directly with them at times that suit your schedule - we're open during the week and at weekends both day and evening so there is lot's of flexiblility.


Why not give us a ring now?

Kingston - 020 8339 9899  

Richmond - 020 8940 1160


The day I walked up the stairs for an assessment at ASCA I knew I was doing the right thing. I was quickly placed with my counsellor and after 6 months of therapy I am drug free and feel so much better in myself. For years I had thought I drank to help with my depression but now realise the depression was caused by the drink. I have to work at life now but it's much easier and I have a clear head.


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