Yoker Allotments secretary yoker_allotments@yahoo.co.uk
Membership is open to allotment plot holders and leisure gardeners living in Glasgow.

Terms & Conditions to be considered before applying to go on the waiting list.

To maintain anonymity, you will be given a unique code number when you are added to the list.

Code numbers are incremental, so you will be given a number one higher than the previous applicant.

If you submit multiple applications you will be removed from the list..

Due to the nature of the allotment system, we are unable to give any indication of how often a plot will be made available.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to notify us of any change in details for example change in telephone number, address or email, as any out of date details which enable us not being able to contact the applicant will result in the allocation going to the next incremental number on the list. In addition please advise us if you no longer wish to be on the waiting list so that your
details can be removed.

Allotment allocation cannot be held for any future date due to the demand, once you have been notified of the vacant plot you will have 10 days to accept before it is allocated to the next incremental number.

When allotments become available you must be able to take the allotment at that time, if you cannot, the allocation will go to the next incremental number on the list.