We need to keep the new hedges, planted last December, well-watered. It was VERY DRY in March and April, so we need your help. They need to be watered at the roots, and preferably when not in full sun. Twice a week when it's dry would be great!

The Garden Committee has been trying to sort out watering so that no-one has too much. Here's what we think residents could do. Please let us know if anything isn't clear; have any hedges been left out? 

Trees: see Derek Hooper's recent message. 


Grand Avenue Path:

·           Nikki Ishida

Main Square

·      Pittosporum along the border of Avebury and up to the back door of Avebury; the three magnolias in the border and the sarcococca hedge around the white wall at the top - Val and Dave Richards, every Saturday evening.

·      Pittosporum hedge round the entrance to 3 Roseneath, and along into the square, turning left, up to the basement entrance - Steph Kramer and Ed Irwin

·      Swale and willow tree – Yvonne Packer and Waveney Harries

Front Garden

·      Pittosporum all along the Rose borders, either side of the gate and around the Sales suite wall - Kirsten Austin

·      Yew hedge at the side of and in front of 4 Roseneath - Oliver Greenwood

·      Yew hedge in front of 2 Roseneath and all the way along the swale and down to the gate - Louise Spitz 

·      Pittosporum along front border of Avebury and around the corner to the entrance  to the Main Square  - Robin and Richard Chapman (NL)

·      All new trees in front of Norton Lees -  Robin and Richard Chapman (NL)  

Marwood Square

·      Pittosporum around 1 Clarke Mansions and plants in east border of Square - Jan Potter

·      Pittosporum to the right (facing Clarke) and across the road, under the staircase in front of the houses - Peter Morley

·      Outside Evelyn and in front of houses 11 - 19 Marwood Square – Elisabetta Saura

·      Outside houses 1 -9 Marwood Square and in front of Blomfield - Martin Sutton

Olmstead Close

·      Tricia Ward


·         Derek Hooper


·         Anita Nielsen


If you have difficulty recognising any of the hedging, here is a guide:


pittosporum (2).jpg   image.pngimage.png

pittosporum (golf ball)      pittosporum (gold star)    sarcococca

   Guide for watering trees: find the irrigation tube and put your hose down it for 20 – 30 mins

irrigation tube with grid             irrigation tube 
                     hose down tube



And please use this if your hose crosses a path:



Thank you for all your help!