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As a follow up to the conspiracy of by Hanover of picking off residents one by one, it now appears that the smell of drains is bad in Norton Lees because the contractors "forgot" to install Durgo valves in the flats. These valves are air admittance valves that let air in but stop smells escaping from the soil pipe. 

Hanover have pit this right in one flat without telling any of the other residents who have been complaining about drain smells that this is what the problem is, still less taking a proactive stance to put this right.   

This seems to be a different problem to the blockage of the drains somewhere in the estate. 

It is wearisome for residents to fight Hanover/Hill's inefficiency and inaction one by one on issues that apply across a wide board. So some kind of central system run by the residents might give more clout. 



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Wrights have given us an instruction on how to make sure the shower trap is properly clicked in after cleaning and always topped up with water because it acts as a smell trap. Success we think and not a dungo issue.

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Thanks that’s useful to know.

Can you post here the instructions for the shower trap so that I know whether or not I‘ve put it back correctly.

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Is the problem of the lack of valves likely to be common to the flats in other blocks? I have just checked my shower trap and it's full of water, but there is a nasty smell in my en-suite. But not in the main bathroom. 

How many other people have this nasty smell?

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I have the same problem intermittently in the en-suite shower room (Clarke) but never in the bathroom.


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Can you pss on the advice on how to ensure the trap is clicked into pleace please?


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Apologies - have been away and only now catching up. 

Apparently the requirement is to make sure that the two bits which come out when you clean the trap in the shower (ie the flat top bit and the cup-shaped bit) are clicked back together before putting them back (ie don't put the cup back and then just put the white plastic lid on top). 

Then fill up with a bit of water (or take a shower!). If you have more than one shower and the number 2 shower doesn't get used so much then make sure it gets an occasional feed of water to fill the cup and stop the smells. 


Richard C