Please go to the discussion page to offer and request help during the coronavirus.  There are links to delivery services which it would be great if you add to. Please also see this very extensive list of food and services delivering locally: local deliveries.


This is a brief update from the WSRA Committee on a number of issues, including coronavirus:

We hope all residents are managing in these difficult times.

We have identified someone in each block as a point of contact if you need assistance with shopping or getting prescriptions

If anyone is alone and wants to talk on the phone please let us know

The AGM which was scheduled to take place later this month has been postponed.

We have followed up in correspondence on issues which were discussed at the meeting with the JV (Hill and AnchorHanover) on 16th March and we are waiting for answers on
Landscape defects, door access systems, accessibility etc but we understand that many of the contractors are closed because of the pandemic

Landscape- we are in transition between the existing maintenance contractor and a new contractor and two tenders have been received by AnchorHanover who have asked WSRA for comments and input. Meanwhile some residents have generously offered to clear swales, deadhead and water. Their efforts are appreciated. If anyone else is willing to assist please contact Angela on If you can help to water the new hedges planted just before Christmas to replace the box, please contact Derek on

The current situation shows the need for good communication with our neighbours. The website hasn’t been as well used as we hoped and we are working on it but also looking for ideas to assist in improving it. Suggestions and volunteers, especially anyone with website experience, will be very welcome.

Library- Waveney has a fob to access the Common House if anyone wants to borrow books (

Trevor will not be on site this week.

Best wishes

David Staples

WSRA committee: Louise Spitz, Ben and Sue Timmis, Waveney Harries, Marcia Beer, Angela Hobsbaum, Sheila Fletcher, Hillary Marks, Nick Bertram, Jude Black