We last sent you a general update on various issues three weeks ago and we thought it might be helpful to be in touch again.  We hope to do this regularly while the current restrictions are in place so please send in any suggestions for topics you would like to see covered.

 WRSA Newsletter - July 2020

A link to the latest WRSA Newsletter can be found here.

Correspondence with AnchorHanover

The WSRA wrote to Anchor Hanover on 17 April following the joint meeting held on 16 March specifically on the issue of the service charge.  A response was received with their comments [in red on 21 April.  This is attached and covers the postponement of the stock condition survey and the current position on contracts.

The timetable for responses from AnchorHanover  on other ongoing issues [including access, signage, entry panels] envisaged progress by the end of April   but this is no longer relevant given the changed circumstances.  We will keep you informed of any developments.  



Frances now has access to her laptop and can deal with correspondence sent to the Concierge@hanover.org.uk inbox.



The volunteer group has continued its splendid efforts around the grounds dealing especially with urgent weeding and watering while waiting for the new gardening contract to start.


Compost bins

As a result of all this work, the three compost bins by the entrance gates are now full to overflowing with weeds. Two new bins have been ordered and will be placed on the other side of the estate, near the road, in front of Norton Lees. We will let you know when they arrive, and have been assembled (a bit like Ikea kits), so that you can bring your contributions of raw veggie peelings, dead flowers, etc.



Woodside Square Zoom chat group meets at 10:30 on Wednesday mornings. All residents welcome. If you would like to join, please let Peter Dean (deanpeterh@gmail.com; phone 07850 583576) know and he will add you to the group or give you further information.  


The small library in the Common House is still available for use during the lockdown.   Residents can go in on an individual basis and select from a now wider and more varied stock of books. Please email Waveney who holds the fob on wjh.blanketbay@gmail.com to arrange a time. 


Table tennis is continuing in the area around the raised garden beds on Wednesday afternoons from 2 pm. We suggest that people wear gloves so that they can handle the ball and borrow bats if necessary.


If you are missing your swimming sessions, one resident has found a website offering instruction on learning to swim or improving your technique by the Art of Swimming on Dry Land  [https://vimeo.com/408453325].


Finally, a polite reminder....as we are sure you aware,  AnchorHanover's guidance for Woodside Square residents who are pet owners states that 'All pets cannot be exercised on the development and dogs must be kept on leads.'  This is especially important at this time when residents are limited in where they can walk and exercise and social distancing is so important.


The WRSA hopes you are keeping safe and well - don't forget the network of WSRA contacts in each block if you have difficulty with shopping or prescriptions, or if you just want a chat, and the WSRA website [https://e-voice.org.uk/woodsidesquare/] which can keep you informed about practical items or shared issues [see below how to use the website].


If you have any queries on this email, or suggestions for the next one, please contact WSRA member marciabeer@gmail.com


Using the website:  Anyone can access and read the website pages.

It is a residents' website so we encourage everyone to join so they can post events or updates and join in discussions.

To join, please open the menu and near the bottom is "join website" . Click on that and then  at the bottom it says 

Register now for your login to voice


Or use the above link. You will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address and then you will be able to use these login details for the Woodside Square Residents Association website.

WSRA committee: Louise Spitz, Ben and Sue Timmis, Waveney Harries, Marcia Beer, Angela Hobsbaum, Sheila Fletcher, Hillary Marks, Nick Bertram, Jude Black
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