Haringey Council's final,  main planning permission for Woodside Square:


8.73 The GLA’s response to the previous application (HGY/2013/00061) indicated that the site needs to provide for formal children’s play areas, and the site is within an area of deficiency in terms of small equipped play areas in the Councils Open Space and Recreational Standards SPD. Whilst the site is not within an area of open space deficiency, there are other recreational deficiencies and the applicant has recognised this in their Landscape Design And Access Statement. Provision is made for 'doorstep playable space’ and ‘local playable space’ within the site, together with the provision of the tennis court on the south side of Woodside Avenue, available for
public use.

8.74 In total the proposal provides for 1,238sqm of communal open space; 1,349sqm of dedicated play space whilst each unit includes either a balcony or terrace and/or private rear gardens. The applicants have indicated that the development will also allow for the general public to continue to use the site as a thoroughfare with access to the existing garden area within the centre of the site (which is currently fenced off to general public access). Therefore it is considered that a contribution is not required in relation to recreational provision. These details are secured both by way of planning conditions and the Section 106 agreement.  


The GLA’s response to the previous application set out the following:

Urban design: the design approach is generally supported subject to a robust strategy for play space being secured by condition.


Relevant background documents

Developer Play Management Plan part 1

Developer Play Management Plan part 2