Haringey Council's planning permission for Woodside Square said that the site needs  to provide for formal children's play areas and the site is within an area of deficiency in terms of small equipped play areas.  The whole site is public space, and denoted as playable, except for the gated section in the middle. 

There are a number of what are called 'doorstep playable spaces' in the development: the wooden sheep at the front, the wooden pillars near the Common House, and the stone bear and stone cat up a set of stairs at Marwood Square. 

Lots of children walk past on their way home from school, and attending classes in the Common House. Sadly, no one ever seems to stop to play. 

Play is vital for children's mental and physical health, and Muswell Hill and Fortis Green have a poor provision of small equipped play spaces, as Haringey pointed out during the planning process. This is a Haringey map showing playgrounds - the ward boundaries might have changed since, but there's no doorstep or local provision for a lot of Fortis Green and Muswell Hill kids.


playground map