This is a group formed as a forum for the newly formed Woodman Community Project Group. A band of people interested in keeping this near 200 year old Woodman as a centre for its community either as a pub or a hub or in its very essence - both!

Paul from Black Storm is still running the business, but the pub building itself has been put up for sale by Admiral Taverns, so eventually this will come to an end. Just to be clear, the pub is still open with Paul & his team and is still his business concern.

When hearing this was a going to happen and an unscrupulous developer may buy and change the use of the pub into either residential or anything else - the local Parish council and CAMRA, they have managed to get something called a ACV, an asset of community value on the building, which means that in these circumstances the pub cannot be used as anything else until it is offered to the community for a group purchase.

After a few meetings pulled together by community minded individuals - such a group has been formed and they / we are now in the throws of pulling together a strategy to actually buy the property along with the support and assistance of local residents, businesses, pub customers and interested individuals to bring about the aims.

At this point, there is a steering group made up of various skills, with the main body feeding in ideas, suggestions and possible areas of development. The next meeting is on Monday 17th February @ The Woodman In @ 6.30pm.

Alternatively, you can send in suggestions through here or via email - and we have a website

Please feel free to share this amongst anyone who might be interested in supporting the group.

Many thanks.