The Resident's Association at The Meres, Barnes, South West London. 

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We are a small bunch of friendly neighbours committed to making improvements to the way our estate is maintained and to giving residents a stronger platform with which to voice their concerns and opinions. We hope to build stronger community ties, as well as a safer, more pleasant environment for all of us. The RA is entirely voluntary and we charge no fee for members.

I began work on the RA in September 2012 and we officially began running in May 2013. The association hopes and tries to include Grasmere and Queensmere equally in these endeavours- we rely on numbers and volunteers and so encourage people from these blocks to join us to make sure they are fully represented.

Our strength is our number. It is your resident's association- and it can only be as strong as the unity and communication between us.

 Here is a brief list of issues we've tackled;

  1. improved caretaking 
  2. Improved the standard of gardening
  3. Instigated the renovation of the building and negotiated to have a voice in how it was executed 
  4. New flooring
  5. New lighting
  6. Better security
  7. Vastly reduced antisocial behaviour. 
  8. Community events such as the summer garden party and the Christmas carol singing. 
  9. Sought funding for enhancements to the estate- such as the bench planters and spring bulbs. 
  10. Organised and implemented (and got down on our hands and knees!) for the planting of the bulbs over 2 separate events. 
  11. Sought funding for and instigated the improvement to the shop front with the attractive aggregate resin. 

 This list is a general overview. There are many other issues that we manage on a day to day basis. Once an issue is resolved it does not mean it remains so- circumstances change all the time and we need to keep sustained pressure on RHP in order to keep good standards on the estate. 

Please do try to get involved in whatever capacity you can. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Signing to membership doesn't commit you to any meetings/events. Provide your email and we'll keep you informed. Many thanks and best wishes.

Rachel Price

Chair of Windermere and Friends RA