This was another new walk recced by Mick and Janet and led by Mick. An excellent turn out of over 30 walkers enjoyed a warm and sunny day. After crossing the very busy Bradford Road (Rita the guide dog leading the way as usual) we made our way down the lanes to Woodhall Hills Golf Course.

 After retrieving a members ball from the rough Mick guided our large group across the greens until we reached an amazing viewpoint - unknown previously to nearly everyone.  The panorama was spectacular, with to the east on the skyline, the Ferrybridge, Eggborough and Drax power stations over 30 miles away and to the west Cookridge telecommunications tower and further round Rawdon Billing. We spend several minutes just absorbing the views and also drawing the raffle.

We then walked to the lovely Calverley village admiring the properties and gardens as we past. Crossing the Ring Road at Dawson's Corner by the footbridge (don't look down!) we progressed to Farsley where some walkers left the group for the local cafe and the majority caught the bus to Bramley to enjoy lunch at The Unicorn.

Thanks go to our Chairman Mick for a most enjoyable and surprising walk.


HOWDEN CLOUGH TO  BATLEY via "Geoffs Tunnel"   17 JULY 2017

This was a new walk recced by Anglea with some useful input and knowledge from Geoff.

We alighted from our bus to cross a busy road at Howden Clough and Angela then led the group through some very pleasant leafy woodland - Birkby Brow Wood - and country paths. Being a really hot day the shade from the trees was most welcome.

Towards the end of the walk Angela revealed the Geoff had pointed out a short cut, which meant that we did not have to walk up a hill and on wards into Batley town centre.  Instead we entered a well disguised but lighted  tunnel, which after a few yards emerged to our surprise in the car park at Batley Mill.

From their we dispersed to the local Wetherspoons, cafes and buses back to Leeds.

Thanks to Angela and Geoff for adding another new walk to the programme.


All we knew from the programme was that we had to meet at Leeds Bus Station at 10.30am.  Only our Walk Leader Denis would know where we would be going.   Denis told us that it would be a four mile walk, but in order not to defeat the object of the mystery element, kept his counsel when bombarded with questions about where we were heading and on which bus. 

We eventually boarded the 166 bus showing the destination as Castleford.   However we alighted at Alllerton Bywater to join The Lines Way a disused railway now providing a recreational route for walkers and cyclists linking Allerton Bywater to Garforth.   Being flat terraine the walk was suitable for all abilities, with breaking off points for those that found four miles a liitle too long.  It was good to see some of our senior walkers present.

The weather was fine and sunny with a cool wind at times but the local Spring flora was in bloom and the pathway green and leafy along the route.

At the end of a very pleaseant walk the whole group -some twenty plus  - headed for the pub in Garforth to enjoy some well deserved food and (alcoholic?) beverages.

Our thanks to Denis and Rosemary for the several recces they carried out which made this "mystery" walk a success.