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As the thread to the community and abvoe all, a strong hold for parents to reply on, we provide a range of services catering for various levels of support often unknown but needed for so many of our parents and families.

We have worked hard and managed to secure extended funding for 3 of our key projects that started few years ago (or dates xxx); as provided to many of our disadvantaged families to which these services are essential for the parenting challenges they face.




Families Apart

The Families Apart project, headed up by Yvonne and Ingrid, offers practical and emotional support to local families who may be struggling with a variety of issues as a result of a close member of the family being imprisoned.  

Families Connect - Workshop Nov. 15

Are you a parent with a mental health issue?  Would you like help and advice to work out how to find good solutions to day to day parenting challenges?

Feeling overwhelmed? Struggling to cope? Feeling tired and stressed? Never ending to-do lists?

Do you need help and advice to work out the best way to day-to-day parenting challenges?


Parents' Place - Kew Gardens 15

A relaxed and friendly place to sit, eat and chat. You can bring your own food or packed lunch.