WelCare's Staff 



Marjie Grant – Project Manager

I joined Kingston WelCare in September 2000, as the Project Manager and was very excited to be part of such a well respected local charity. I have steered WelCare through numerous projects and enjoy my role today as much as I did in 2000. I qualified as a social worker in 1981 and have a certificate in management qualification. However, more importantly I am a parent of two young adults, but still continue to feel my through new parenting challenges.





Fany Su - Administrator

I joined Kingston WelCare as the administrator in June 2013. Prior to this I volunteered with WelCare for 6 months. My role covers a wide range of tasks including bookkeeping, finance, accounts, reports and statistics. I'm enjoying working for WelCare, especially since it is a charitable organisation. It is a privilege to work  with people who have the compassion to help society.




Yvonne Dawes - Social Worker - Families Apart

I qualified as a Social Worker 15 years ago specialising in work with children and families. I have worked for Kingston WelCare within the Families Apart Project since June 2010 which supports the families of prisoners and Kingston professionals. As a parent of two school aged children, I believe that parenting can be the most important, the most fun and the most challenging job in the world!


Ingrid Belnavis - Social Worker - Families Apart

I have been a qualified Social Worker mainly working with Offenders and their families. In June 2011, I joined the Kingston WelCare team on the Families Apart Project alongside Yvonne offering support for families of prisoners and Kingston professionals.

I am a mother of two and appreciate the daily joys and challenges faced by parents attempting to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment for children to thrive.