How we started

Kingston WelCare was founded in 1886 when "young unmarried girls expecting babies" were offered support and room at a house in Richmond Park Road in Kingston.

First Governed by the Kingston & District Moral Welfare Association, a related service continues to this day. The first constitution was adopted on 1st December 1953 with the objective to promote the Christian faith, as expressed in the social mission of the Church , in the Anglican Deanery of Kingston and the Association was renamed "Kingston & District Wel-Care Association" in 1971.

Kingston WelCare seeks to express the Church's mission through its work with families.

Our building

Kingston WelCare operates from WelCare House where the facilities include a purpose built playroom, a child-friendly garden, a resource room with access to computers, a Cafe, a built-in kitchen as well as other meeting rooms for parents.

WelCare House also operates as a community building, shared with other services such as the Kingston Bereavement Centre (link to their site) and 

Public Benefit (may move this to the Resources section)

The Trustees consider that the activities undertaken, offered at no or minimal cost, provide benefit to both parents and their children in the community and confirm that in exercising their  powers and duties. They have complied with their duty to have due regard to the guidance on public benefit published by the Charity Commission and have complied with their duties under Section 17 of the Charities Act 2011.