Since our last meeting, Kate and I have been travelling to meetings and events around London. We have much more to do, but we want to update you on the stakeholders/co-producers with which we have engaged and who we hope to engage much more.

From volunteer sector leaders we learned that funding is often given by charitable people or groups which are not listed as organisations.  We have been asked to try to find ways to include data about these funders, which is seen as a challenge by all, but may become a great project for our data collection and sharing entity.

We have put our vision of the 'hub' into a sort of paused-for-additional information state, as we've found other organisations which are working toward very similar goals.  These include the London Boroughs' Data Partnership and the London Office of Data Analytics. We hope to speak with the parties involved in leading these efforts soon.

We have made contact with local academia, at the EPPI-Centre, and they agree that collaborating makes good sense. Tentatively, in addition to providing links to systematic reviews for use by organisations, we hope to include some brief and helpful tutorials on how to search for and find the right research for whatever project for which one works.

We have met with the GLA and the London Council, who have helped us identify several needs related to information sharing within the various government offices across the city. They have both been eager to help and be part of collaborating.

We still want to meet with the engagement officers of as many CCGs as possible, Ipsos Mori (or similar), education data users and providers, and we are reaching out to various communities through a request to the EU National Institutes for Culture.

We will update again! Stay tuned.

14:29, 26 Jan 2017 by Lea Gorgulu Webb