Today a small group of us met to start thinking about what we can acheive as the Data task and finish work group for The Way Ahead.

Apologies were sent by Greater London Authority (GLA), Amazon, Project Oracle, Data Orchard, DataKind UK, NCVO, The Cranfield Trust, Richmond CVS, Ealing CVS and Voluntary Action Camden. 

We did a quick update on The Way Ahead so far and shared two docs - 1) A comprehensive list of recommendations about sharing data (or related) in The Way Ahead report and 2) Notes from the table discussion at the recent stakeholders' event previously blogged about.

Instead of starting this work with a formal meeting, our approach was to source some leaders in their fields to talk about 1) resources that exists and 2) the potential of open and/or linked data.

Thanks to Katherine Duerden from 360Giving, which assists funders to make their data open and searchable. Katherine gave us a great overview of the initiative including the open data standard developed and the recently launched GrantNav tool.  

360 giving presentation

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The following discussion centred around: grants given by/to large charities.  Katherine explained that many very small organisations are included, because all grantees are included in the data. Getting Community Foundations and Local Authorities on board and share data about smaller pots awarded to non registered charities and grass roots community groups was identified as a need by all.

There was reference to work done looking at the Big Lottery's Awards for All programme where smaller pots of funding are generally accessed by smaller groups. There was also mention of the NCVO's Almanac.

Katherine introduced the group to the Beehive tool, that attempts to match organisations with ideal funders and visa versa.

Next we heard from Kal Ahmed founder of Networked Planet.  Kal took us a step beyond open data and introduced us to the potential of linked data.

Tech Hub first meeting photo 1

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Using 360 Giving and TfL's publishing of data in 2010, we started exploring what could be possible if stakeholders in The Way Ahead's system adopted commonality in vocabularly, shared standards and started publishing and collaboratively analysing and utilising open data sets.

Matt Scott from London Voluntary Service Council then gave an update on data initiatives related to his role of Policy Officer.  He gave an overview of the Big Squeeze campaign, discussions so far with the GLA around the economic value of Civil Society and an annual audit of the sector.  Also work that London Councils will be beginning soon looking at mapping civil society support in London.


We identified a few collaborative projects that The Way Ahead Data task and finish group could help drive and encourage focussed work over the first quarter of 2017.  Watch this space and sign up to our mailing list if you'd like to get involved and be updated on our progress.



15:23, 13 Dec 2016 by Kate White