The Gift

Temple Memorial Park is a war memorial gifted by the church to the people of South Shields in perpetuity, to be maintained as an open space.


Council minutes of 1944 stated: “The Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England had offered to make a gift to the town of a large open space for the use of the public in perpetuity,

“They also express the hope that possession of the park may be regarded in the borough as a tribute by the Commissioners to the part which the citizens of South Shields have played during war-time in the service of their country.

“It is a condition of the gift the land should be maintained as an open space for the use of the public in perpetuity and that no buildings should be allowed on it except communal buildings of buildings designed to promote the public’s enjoyment of the park.”

The minutes also recorded: “The commissioners desired the park should be given an appropriate name in recognition of their gift and have been pleased to approve of its being named the “The Temple Memorial Park” in memory of the late Archbishop Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury, who was well known for his deep interest in social welfare.

The minutes go on: “RESOLVED - the council be recommended to accept the offer of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners on the terms outlined above and to place on record the warm appreciation of the council and of the townspeople for the Commissioner’s most generous gift and of the spirit of goodwill towards South Shields which it exemplifies