Community Food Forest

We are over the moon to have been put in touch with GP Paul Proctor of Central Surgery by South Tyneside Council to plan this wonderful food forest. 

Our entire community can not only take part now but benefit from it for years to come.  Here is a word from Paul  we can not wait to get started. Lets deliver just what the Doctor Ordered. 



I am a GP at Central Surgery in South Shields and I am writing to ask if you would like to be involved in planting a food forest at Temple Memorial Park.
Temple Memorial Park Volunteer Rangers are a group who do a fantastic job looking after the park by clearing litter and planting trees for the good of the community and wildlife.  They are now planning a food forest with the backing of South Tyneside Council.

The planting of food forests date back thousands of years and involves the use of a variety of trees and plants to create a sustainable source of food for the local community.  By planting many different varieties of fruit trees, nut trees, berries, herbs, vegetables and climbing plants, a balanced, sustainable ecosystem can be created which needs little ongoing maintenance.

There are many, many benefits to a food forest which include: -

creating social connections between people of all ages from many different backgrounds healthy activity that can be adapted for those with various disabilities time spent in nature that can be very therapeutic for mental health creating a free healthy food-source accessible to all in our community trees and plants clean the air reducing the effects of air pollution increasing the numbers of birds, insects and wild animals to the local area trees and plants lock-in carbon which helps towards tackling our global climate emergency There are very few things we can do in this world that have no downsides and so many varied and wide-reaching benefits.

The hope is that we can involve as many different groups and organisations as possible who will have the satisfaction of knowing that they have contributed to the creation of our very own food forest at Temple Memorial Park.  We can all watch the forest grow and develop and hopefully be expanded over years to come.  This can be a gift to the whole community of South Tyneside to be enjoyed now and by future generations.

This is a big project and will need as many people as possible to provide support in whatever way they can.  Every contribution no matter how small will be very valuable.  The planting of one small sapling can make a huge difference which can be enjoyed over many years.

‘We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children’

Let’s create an amazing food forest and provide an example for other areas as to what can be done.


Many thanks


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