2013 Think can only happen if we find a new host/owner/organiser

2013, new host/owner/organiser needed for Think in Kingston: the consortium of volunteers is looking for a local organisation that could take on co-ordinating and publicising this series of thought-provoking events. Ideally it would be an organisation with a venue and that already organises events for the wider community and could offer venues, so that TiK could fit into its remit and publicity at little or no cost and not much extra effort.

Although we have worked to a theme for the past two years this is an interesting but not essential part of the festival of ideas, and neither is October, though it fits well into the Kingston calendar or holding all events in one month.

Perhaps a series of thought-provoking events spread over a year would work just as well, providing regular tasters rather than the feast/famine model? We have talked to the University and the Rose Theatre and the Kingston Connections organisers, all of whom were positive and interested, but non-committal. An organisation with a home-base could run Ted-X events as well.

Contact us using the form on the Home Page if your institution could help.