Tamworth AC Stadium Health and Safety

Things that every user should know:

  • The normal direction for running on the track is anti-clockwise
  • Users should take care entering the track through the main straight entrance gate, and look out for runners from the left.
  • Users should follow guidance from Coaches about keeping the track clear for other users in shared training sessions.
  • A shouted warning of "Track" means to beware of a fast runner approaching. You should turn and face and move as approriate out of the way of the approaching runner
  • The infield behind the ropes is the thows (hammer, javelin etc) landing area and no-one should enter or cross this area.
  • No athletes should be using the Pole Vault or High Jump areas without appropriate Coaching guidance
  • No athletes should be using the Hammer, Shot or Javelin thowing areas without appropriate Coaching guidance


Specific hazards of the Tamworth AC Stadium:

  1. The Hammer Cage is a UKA Specification Single Circle Cage located on the 1500m start. It has not yet been modified as required by UKA THROWS CAGE SAFETY GUIDANCE MARCH 2021 which can be found here. As a consequence there is a risk area for experienced/capable LEFT HANDED throwers of the back straight track area, Pole Vault and Long Jump/Triple Jump runways. These areas must be clear of athletes if the cage is to be used by such a thrower for TRAINING OR COMPETITION. See photograph for layout:

Aerial View on Back Straight

  1. The Steeplechase Water Jump is on the outside of the main track. When filling the Water Jump care must be taken to keep all persons away from the water hydrant access manholes