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 Why Donate?

We organizations rely on the generosity of the community at large to make donations to charity for money, goods and services, so they can carry out their work. Many charities are fully self-funded, while others receive some government funding. 

Please, if you think of helping us, we thank you from our heart because we are trying to make our city smarter and even more beautiful.


What do we use your donations for...

These are some of the students who are learning from us.Since they started to study they have learned a lot from us.They have learn many skills for life and about digital knowledge.


Tanuja kumari

Impact Aloud 2018

9.30am to 4.30pm, Everyday Church Wimbledon


9.30                             Registration

10.00 –                        Welcome, introductions & warm up activity

– 10.40                       7 things you need to know about The Charity Digital Code of Practice

Zoe Amar Digital

 Tanuja Kumari

10.45 – 11.30              Masterclass 1

How to Create a Practical Theory of Change in 7 Steps
Markerble Impact Hub : 

Data Essentials
GLA & London Plus