Baptism, sometimes known as christening, is the way to become a christian and receiving a welcome into the the Church. It reflects a celebration of life in God and the cleansing away of sins through repentance. It is the means of which we are united with Christ in his death and resurrection life.

At St Peters, Baptisms normally take place on the 4th or 5th Sunday of the month during the family service at 10.30am. It involves preparation for adults coming for baptism, and parents and godparents when children and infants are being baptised. This normally takes place on a couple of Sunday afternoons prior to their Baptism.


It is usual for those coming to baptism to live within the parish of St. Peter's, or to have a meaningful connection with the church or to be in membership with the church. Those who come will be required to complete an application form and when returned the preparation for baptism commences.  


There is no charge for baptisms.


For further detail contact Revd Peter Holmes