Chelmsford Local Plan and its effect on Stow Maries -2018

  • Chelmsford City Council has submitted the Local Plan to the Secretary of State for Examination by an independent Planning Inspector.
  • Recent communication from Chelmsford City Council:

"As you are aware, the Parish Council submitted detailed comments to the most recent public consultation on the draft Local Plan. The purpose of a Statement of Common Ground is not to repeat this process or allow further representations to be made; no further comments will be accepted by the Inspector. Instead, it is to draw out the main issues arising from the Parish Council’s comments to find, where possible, any areas of agreement particularly in light of minor changes the Council has made to the Local Plan (set out in the Schedule of Additional Changes and Schedule of Minor Changes) following comments received from the last public consultation. Or, in this circumstance, to clarify the areas of disagreement. Its purpose is to help the Inspector identify the main issues so hearing sessions can be more effective and focussed.


On the SoCG, you will see that a section on Local Plan consultation has been included. The City Council has published a position statement on the Parish Council’s concerns that they were not correctly notified. This is attached at appendix 1 to submission document SD 011 (Legal Compliance Checklist June 2018) which can be found by typing SD011 in the search field at However, for your benefit I have attached the appendix. The Position Statement demonstrates that the Parish Council was sent the necessary notifications and they were received by the Parish Council. For this reason, section 2 has been included in the draft SoCG."

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