Firstly, an appreciative thank you for the 'looks like it's floodlit' image of the church steeple that appears in Recent News.  The appearance of being floodlit, like other more iconic structures in the UK, is realistic.

Secondly, as a user of photographic equipment for a number of years, I should like to learn how that effect was achieved - perhaps other readers who appreciate the effect would like to know also?

Brian Townsend


Hi Peter,

I'm obviously not used to contributing to a blog because I have only just found your reply - thanks for that.

It's early days on the new website so when more people become aware of it, perhaps we'll see more interest from other residents/users.


16:31, 06 Mar 2020 by Brian Townsend

Trying out weblog for permissions and publicity

16:09, 25 Feb 2020 by Henry Harris
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Many thanks for the compliment on the photo Brian, but not really deserved. 

Both published photos were taken just after sundown using a Canon 350D digital camera, fitted with a Canon EFS 18-55mm lens, on automatic setting.

I think that the floodlighting effect came from the flash + whatever light was left in the sky.

Nothing fancy - I'm a very amateur photographer!

Peter T

18:08, 07 Feb 2020 by Peter Taylor


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