Let no-one say that the Stow Maries Fund Raising Group is slow to recognise a popular social event when it sees one.

There was such positive feedback from their 2018 presentation, that the Mid Essex Magical Society was invited to put on another show last Friday (10th May). Once again the performers delighted a packed Smythe Hall with three sessions of close-up magic and a stage act - featuring local 'volunteers' from the audience as evidenced below:

A local volunteer helps with stage magic 

In between sessions 2 and 3 of close-up magic a substantial ploughman's supper of french bread, cheese, ham, pate, cherry tomatoes and pickle was served up by members of the Fund Raising Group.

Grateful thanks are once again due to numerous people:- The Mid Essex Magical Society for wonderful entertainment; the Stow Maries Fund Raising Group (particularly Dave Stratton) for organising the event, setting out the stage and tables, and preparing and serving the food; and to all those who bought tickets (a snip at £10 per person!) and made it such a great social occasion.

You will all be pleased to know that you contributed a total of £612.73 towards the upkeep of Stow Maries' St Mary & St Margaret Church and The Smythe Hall.

Our next fund raising event is the always popular Car Boot Sale which will be held on Sunday 1st September. See you there.