Hosted by Stow Maries' residents, Peter and Kym Marshall, Fun Quiz Nights are usually held in The Smythe Hall each November.

This is just one example of the many, varied events that are organised throughout the year by the hard-working village Fund Raising Committee. In addition to the Quiz, during 2019 these included: a frenetic and fun Beetle Drive; an Evening of (close-up) Magic;  and a Car Boot Sale.

And for what are they raising these funds? All proceeds from events go towards the upkeep of two of the buildings that represent the 'soul' of our village - the Church of St Mary & St Margaret and The Smythe Hall. In the recent past monies raised have been spent on refurbishment of the windows and roof of Smythe Hall. Much-needed repairs to the Church roof are high on the list for fund raising in 2019.

However, the Fund Raising Committee recognises that it does not have a monopoly on ideas that will appeal to a wider public and, hopefully, get more local residents involved in village affairs. The participation of more residents from Stow Maries and the surrounding area is always welcome and could result in the Committee arranging something that you've been dying to go to for ages!

To get involved just click here to contact the Stow Maries Village website administrator and leave your contact details.