On Friday 9th March the Smythe Hall was filled to capacity to experience a new fund raising event. Presented in conjunction with the Mid-Essex Magical Society and advertised as "An Extravaganza of Magical Entertainment", it certainly lived up to its billing.

Socialising before the entertainment commenced

Socialising before the entertainment commenced

The Mid-Essex Magical Society provided tremendous entertainment with both close-up magic tricks at the tables

Magic at the tables

and on stage.

Stage magic

In combination with the provision of a 'magical' ploughmans supper, the whole evening proved to be a wonderful success.

Having a great time

With the aim of raising much needed funds for the upkeep of Stow Maries' Smythe Hall and the Church of St Mary & St Margaret, it is important that those who come along to such events have a good time - so that they come back again.

In this case both objectives were achieved. Approximately £570 was added to the above fund and, such was the overwhelmingly positive feedback, that the organisers are already thinking of a repeat performance.

Of course, thanks are due to a number of people for the success of the event including, but not limited to:- members of the Mid-Essex Magical Society; the stage builders and setters-up; the food preparers and washers-up; the raffle prize donors and ticket sellers; and the generous attendees.