Recent news

Thieves have stolen all the roofing lead from St Mary & St Margaret's Church.

Precautionary cancellation of next Friday's Beetle Drive. 

Snow pic

Keep checking the Photo Album for contributions from local photographers

The results of the PCC 100 Club draw for February 2020

Absolutely MASSIVE new barricade put up to prevent access to the (Council-designated) unsafe bridge on Bridleway 24.

Illumination 2

Repairs to the steeple of the Church of St Mary & St Margaret are now complete.

 Quiz Nights are just one of many village fund raising events that are organised throughout the year.

Appeal to effect repairs to cross on top of the steeple of our Church of St Mary & St Margaret.

Winning numbers from last month are now available in the Noticeboard section of this website.

A safe New Year on Stow Maries' roads?