Stondon Recreational Association (SRA)

Introducing...The Stondon Recreation Association!


First – let me welcome you to our village Website, which as we all hoped has become a vital and invaluable asset for Stondon, its residents, and its visitors now and in the future.  An especially warm welcome to this, our own SRA page, where we will try and give you a flavour of who we are, what we are about, and where we are going.


This is our logo – if you see this anywhere on notices, signs or posters it will always tell you that the SRA are once again involved in something that will help meet the recreational needs of all in our rapidly expanding village, and that it might well be worth you having a look at what is going on – guaranteed you will enjoy it!

 So how did we start, where did we come from..?  No don’t click onto another page.  This is not going to be a tedious old history lesson, just a brief step back over the years… 

It all kicked off in 1956 when some concerned parents in the new Mayfield Crescent area got together with the aim of having high quality play facilities built.  They became the Mayfield Crescent Tenants Association and through much hard work and fundraising, and the help of a generous benefactor, the land that is now our Fakeswell Lane Play Area was bought on 14th August 1958.  After much work on clearing, fencing and grass seeding the Grand Opening was performed by the Lord Lieutenant of Bedfordshire on 4th June 1960.

Play equipment was bought, and management of the site was handed to the Mayfield Playground Management Committee.  Eventually, in 1978, the Stondon Recreation Association took the site over to add to the Station Road site it already owned and this meant the two (then) main Play Areas of the village were run by the same body.

Bored yet?  OK, to keep you interested, let me tell you how the Fakeswell Lane site has changed again over the last few years under our continuing management – a real “before and after”.




These pictures are of Fakeswell as it was “before”. The site was gradually getting old and tired, and the undergrowth was taking over – did not look too good at all did it?

The SRA formed a new sub-committee which was tasked with the specific mission of renovating the site and bringing it up to modern standards.  This involved some really hard grafting by the Fakeswell Lane group – they cleared the ground of stubborn undergrowth, picked up litter, planted shrubs and organised the mending of the fence.  As in 1956, this was a brilliant example of what a small determined group of residents (in this case along with SRA Committee members) can achieve if they have the will and the enthusiasm.

A major fundraising exercise then got underway and the group was finally rewarded by being able to sign off on a major deal to completely revamp the Play Area with loads of brand new equipment to keep the local children amused, occupied and exercised




On the 15th July 2009 the Fakeswell Lane sub-committee proudly held a Tea Party to commemorate the official re-opening of the refurbished site and from that day to this Fakeswell has become something of lasting value and pride for the village. 

Just look at the site now!  The improvement is quite startling – a real jewel for our village