This summer two of our volunteers, Maryam & Tamara went to help out in Jamaica.


 They volunteered during the summer scheme at Yallas Primary School, Grants Pen Primary Schools, Albions Pathfinders Project & Morant Bay Methodist Church children's summer project in St. Thomas.


The volunteers worked on art projects with the local community & children at various summer schemes in St. Thomas, see their video below:

Both Tamara & Maryam spoke about their experiences in their debriefing reports to the charity:


"My volunteering trip to Jamaica was a life changing experience ,overwhelming in a very positive sense.
There was a lot to take in-a lot of knowledge ,a lot to see and taste, but also overwhelmed
by the love given by the children and the people me and my partner Maryam worked with.
I truly believe I made the most of our trip and my only regret was not staying longer."


 "We used art as an incentive by trying to implement some elements of the reading and writing

activities in our art projects to make it as educational as possible"
"During our free time me and Maryam had the opportunity to travel throughout the island.
We spent some time in the north of the island and tourist destinations - Ocho Rios,
Negril and some other areas such as Portmore, Kingston Savana-la-mar and Montego Bay.
We had the chance to see some of the natural waterfalls, rivers, beaches, caves and hot natural
water spas. We also visited the Rastafarian music museum and the Jamaican Institute
for the exhibition about the historical event of the Morant Bay uprising.
We were invited to two radio station interviews one of which in the
University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, where we had the opportunity to talk
about our work but also discuss some insightful topics."



"A positive note was that myself and the other volunteer are passionate about art and the children
were always excited and ready to begin the art classes. This meant that the children
                  always enjoyed the projects and learnt new and different ways to draw and paint." 


"I would like to thanks the Daneford Trust and Springs of Hope who worked in partnership to organise

the placements for my overseas volunteering project in Jamaica. Also a big thanks you all the

organisations, trusts, individuals and my church for their financial support with helping

to make my idea becoming a reality."