Windsor Basic School school, is one of the schools  we are supporting in Jamaica.

They are a voluntary aided school, that are total reliant on sponsorship and donations in order to operate.

We have been supporting them with educational resources for the past 4 years.

They have very recently LOST their sponsorship from Christ Community World Mission who have been supporting them for the past 15 years, and are desperately in need of alternative sponsorship / financial donation in order to continue with the vital education and support for the children age 3-6 from the community of Windsor Estate at St Ann's Jamaica.



                                                                                                                                           Christ Community Church, World Missions

In care of Cyntheanne Christian Church

13151 Cyntheanne Road

Fishers, Indiana 46037, U. S. A.

Co-founders, Pastor Jack T. Terry and Pastor Larry J. Renihan

Do to the loss of funding from two congregations who have sponsored the Windsor Basic School, we are desperately seeking additional sponsorship of the children of the Windsor Basic School in Saint Anne’s Bay, Jamaica.

These children range from 3-6 years old. This school has consistently graduated Basic School children to enter the Primary Schools of Saint Anne’s Parish with the highest percentage of preschool skills and knowledge. The two congregations that have previously supported this school have turned their attention to the CCCWM work being conducted in Bolivia.

The average cost of educating a Jamaican child is about $360.00 U. S. per year. This includes all of the teacher costs, a hot meal every day and all supplies and materials needed. The work that Principal Debbie reed Brown and her staff do is amazing as is the quality of the productivity of their students.

We are putting out a plea for help so that we do not have to reduce staff or even consider the idea of closing such a productive school.

I thank you for your consideration,

In Christ’s service

Larry J. Renihan

Larry J. Renihan, Senior Minister of the Cyntheanne Christian Church

Land line 317 842 5480   or Cell 317 695 0770




Christ’s Community Church, World Mission


13151 Cyntheanne Road


Fishers, Indiana, 46037, U. S. A.



I would like to sponsor a Windsor Basic School_________ child/children for the 2015 – 2016 school year.




I would prefer ______ Girl(s)        _________ Boy(s)




I would like to have a child / children who are     3- 4 – 5 – 6  (Please circle)




Name _____________________________________________________________


Address ____________________________________________________________


            ____________________________ Telephone _______________________


I would write a check for $360.00     ___________ for each child


I would send a check for $30 each month ___________ for each child.




I understand that CCCWM will select a child based upon my selection information above and will send me a picture and a dictated note from that child/children.


You may contact  Larry J. Renihan @ 317 842 5480 home or 317 695 0770 cell, for any additional information.


“Thank you for giving to the Lord.  I am a life that was changed.”


Larry J. Renihan, Co-founder of CCCWM in 1996