We have been supporting WINDSOR BASIC SCHOOL (aka) Windsor Early Childhood Centre in St Ann’s, Jamaica since September 2011. The school is non stated funded and therefore solely reliant on donations and sponsorships to support and educate the children from the community.


We are currently fundraising to assist Windsor Basic School with the building of a classroom extension. Due to the increasing number of children (60) attending the school, it has become extremely difficult for everyone as they have outgrown the small space of 18x14 ft which comprises 3 class rooms, 4 teachers and a cook. Lessons are sometimes held outdoors under a tree to alleviate overcrowded conditions within the school.


In order to complete this project, we have partnered with Direct Abundance , a Canadian based charity who began the building of the extension at the school, which we are hoping to have completed by September 2017.




Starting the building works....in 2015


WBS        Extension


 Moving forward with the building works......in 2016

WBS MO 3         WBS MO 1       WBS MO 2   


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