Brighton & Hove families (2011 Census data taken from ONS table KS105EW)

  • In 2011 there were 29,809 households in the city with one or more dependant children (an increase of nearly 4,000 since 2001)
  • 29 per cent of households with dependant children are lone parent households
  • 8,637 lone parent households with one or more dependant children (an increase of 1,674 since 2001)
  • Nearly three quarters (7,150 children, 73 per cent) of the children living in poverty in Brighton & Hove live in lone parent families (and 88% are headed by women).  
  • This compares to 68 percent in England and 71 per cent in the South East. (2011 Child Poverty Index, Department of Work and Pensions)

In the UK:

  • There are around two million single parents – they make up a quarter of families with dependent children (i)
  • Less than two per cent of single parents are teenagers (ii)
  • 64.4 per cent of single parents are in work (iii)
  • The majority of single parents don’t receive child maintenance payments (iv)
  • 41 per cent of children in single parent families live in relative poverty, around twice the risk of relative poverty faced by children in couple families (24 per cent). (v)
  • families with children headed by single parents has remained at around 25 per cent for over a decade (vi)
  • single parents who were fathers has stayed at 9 per cent for over ten years (vii)
  • single parents in work increased from 55.8 per cent to 64.4 per cent over the past decade (viii)
  • single parent families are still nearly twice as likely to be in poverty as those in couple parent families. (ix)

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