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Group_Image.jpgSCAN’s members and our supporters have had a difficult year setting up meetings throughout the various pandemic lock downs, however we are pleased to announce that for 2021 we will be able to host 'virtual' quarterly meetings using ‘Zoom’ and eventually a combination of virtual and 'face to face.  The next one is scheduled for Tuesday  18th January 2022 via ZOOM starting at 11am

If you have access to a digital device with internet access, can use ‘Zoom’ and would like to join us, please send your details to either email or text message to 07853 038933 and we will send you the meeting’s log in details. 

Please come along to the meeting to let us know if you have any access issues either with;

  • pavements that are being obstructed either by badly parked vehicles or overhanging trees,
  • crossing points that need dropped kerbs,
  • buildings or services that are not accessible or
  • the ‘abuse’ of Blue Badge Parking spaces.

Alternatively leave a message on our website forum Spelthorne Access Forum or send us a text message or a voice message on 07853038933

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