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Disability Rights UK - News in Brief
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We work with our members to influence national policy on independent living, benefits, education, employment, transport, human rights and other issues – shaping policy through direct experience and expertise.

We also work with our local individual and organisation members to empower and to influence local policy and services.

To contact Disability Rights UK (DR UK) see www.disabilityrightsuk.org/contact-us

Our vision
To create a society where disabled people have equal power, rights and equality of opportunity

Our mission
We campaign for the rights of all disabled people to be included in every aspect of life. We bring the lived experiences of disabled people to everything we do. We challenge policy makers, institutions and individuals to remove the barriers that exist for us.

Our priorities

  • Building a movement to strengthen our collective voice
  • Independent living – choice control and equality in everyday life
  • Inclusive economic opportunities – a fairer benefits system and opportunities to work and flourish
  • Influencing public attitudes and behaviours

News In Brief - January 2021
Clinically Extremely Vulnerable Guidance - Updated;
Women and Equalities Select Committee: pandemic has had “profoundly adverse effects” on disabled people's access to services;
Shaping Our Lives Publish Report Highlighting Disability Issues raised by COVID-19
COVID-19 Vaccination: What do people with sensory and physical disabilities most need to know?
Rail Replacement Vehicles: extension of non-accessible period to 30 September 2021;
Blue Badge Permit 'Shocking Disparity' Revealed;
Government recruiting Disability and Access Ambassadors;
Disabled People Still Facing Mask Discrimination – DR UK writes to Chair of Police Chiefs' Council;
New UK Poverty Report Recommends £20 Per Week Increase to Universal Credit Be Made Permanent - The Lifeline Extended to Employment & Support Allowance;
Mental Health Act – Major Reforms in the Pipeline;
Minister Outlines Recent Changes to Statutory Sick Pay Entitlement Rules;
DPOs dismayed at One Month Window to respond to National Strategy;
End Unfair Charges for Shielders, Supermarkets Told;
Woman challenged by police to produce mask exemption document;
Emergency Evacuation Plans needed for Disabled People in High Rise Blocks;
SSAC: DWP should recruit large scale panel of disabled people with experience of social security which it can consult and draw from to work on detailed projects;
Network Rail North West Commits to Better Accessibility;
An open letter from DRUK’s CEO - 100,000 deaths from Coronavirus;
Thousands of Disabled people risk losing PAs and carers in Brexit rule change
Disability Unit fails to provide adequate offline consultation help;
Women and Equalities Committee report published;
Kickstart employment scheme changes to benefit young Disabled people;
Sport England’s new strategy focuses on reducing inequalities in sport and physical activity;
DR UK pushes for Covid transport resolutions;
Overcoming vaccine hesitancy in diverse communities – DR UK Ambassador blog;

News In Brief - February 2021
Roadmap sees shielding continue until end of March;
People with learning disabilities to be prioritised for vaccinations;
Covid ‘putting a rocket under’ children’s poor mental health outcomes; 
Decades of failure leaves half of disabled benefit claimants in poverty;
PIP assessment recordings to be allowed;
Lack of tactile paving ‘a factor’ in death of visually impaired man; 
Autistic graduates more likely to be unemployed -  ACGAS report;
Open Statement from Disabled People’s Organisations and Allies - February 2021;
1.7 million new Shielders;
Abuse by carers should be included in Domestic Abuse Bill;
Disabled People experience high levels of food poverty;
Locked Down and Abandoned: Disabled People’s Experiences of Covid-19: new Inclusion London research report;
Guidance on Covid-19 testing for personal assistants; 
Northern Rail Accessibility Fund; 
Developing a National Disability Strategy: Views and evidence from the EHRC; 
Disability Unit’s response to DR UK’s call for accessible survey ‘immensely frustrating;
Grenfell measures slammed by Disability groups;
Disabled people between 3 and 4 times more likely to die of Coronavirus - ONS; 
MPs back calls for Universal Credit uplift extension until April 2022; 
Blueprint for post-pandemic NHS and social care reform launched;
People with mental health conditions £8.4k poorer than those without; 
Disabled People’s Organisations call for the Disability Strategy to be delayed; 
Government reluctance to support the reasonable adjustments of disabled election candidates; 
Pandemic Poverty: new DBC research report shows why the £20 per week UC uplift must be kept and extended;

News In Brief - March 2021
Chancellor fails to implement levelling-up agenda;
Number of people who think benefits are too high falls to 15%;
A fifth of shielders not vaccinated when government declared vaccines;
Doctors assumed Disabled people not capable of discussing care;
Government approach to closing the disability employment gap heavily criticised;
Homes still ‘failing us’ – new report;
Digital Lifeline scheme now open to people with learning disabilities;
Council accused of discouraging Disabled voters in May elections;
Disabled people must form major part of rail review;
Budget 2021: “Outrageous” that over 1.9 million disabled people on legacy benefits refused £20 week financial lifeline;
House of Lords vote to criminalise domestic abuse by carers; 
Atos pays £2,500 compensation for negligent PIP assessment only after visit from bailiffs;
Shocking Food Foundation figures on Disabled People experiencing food insecurity;
Barriers removed for Deaf Jurors;
Victory towards fire evacuation plans for Disabled People;
Shielding to end from 1 April;
DPOs demand removal of Coronavirus Act easements;
Fears over right to protest under PCSC Bill;
COVID certification review – call for evidence;
Blanket’ approaches to DNARs criticised in CQC report;
Boost to bus services ;
Wheelchairs on planes – new prototype revealed;
Government continues to fail Disabled election candidates;
Coronavirus Care Act easements to be removed;
Coronavirus SEND easements to remain in place;
Special educational needs assessment system a ‘roll of the dice’ ;
Grenfell recommendations – DR UK open statement ;
Business leaders call on Government to improve employment opportunities for Disabled people;
Blind woman secures promises from government to provide accessible pandemic communications;
Students unable to access online exams;
New CSJ report on Disability;

News In Brief - April 2021

News In Brief - May 2021

News In Brief - June 2021

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