New members are always welcome, and any organisation which wants to support people with dementia and their carers living in Southwark to continue playing their part in community life can join the Southwark Dementia Action Alliance (whether or not they are based in Southwark).  Membership is free; all you have to do is complete a short action plan (see below) telling us a bit about your organisation and outlining 3 actions your organisation will do to make Southwark more dementia friendly and returning it to our Co-ordinator at

These actions could include hosting a 45 minute Dementia Friends information sessions for your staff or volunteers, encouraging one of them to go on a free 1 day course to become a Dementia Friends Champion or making some small changes to your premises, services, practices or environment that will make it easier for people with dementia or their carers to benefit from them.

The actions you take are chosen by you and are likely to vary from organisation to organisation. If you would like some more ideas for the kinds of actions you could take, have a look at the ones which organisations similar to yours have already agreed to undertake by going to our Members page and clicking on the links. Alternatively contact our Co-ordinator at for lots of useful ideas, suggestions and support.