List of Rectors of St Martin White Roding



Gilbert de Keleshall 1322
Thomas de Stockton 1329
John Dyne 1365
William Heworth  
John Dyne 1373
Richard Pountreyt  
William Marshall 1397
Nicholas Derman 1437
William Derman 1446
John Dermon 1450
Edward Clayton 1450
John Geffray 1469
Humfry Marbury  
John Crosse 1525
William Higham 1532
Roger Clayton 1557
Henry Banks 1576
John Gybons  
Alexander Strange  
Charles Leventhorp 1617
Thomas Leigh 1680
Joseph Maryon 1685
George Hellier 1710
John Maryon 1720
Langhorn Warren 1760
William Cheere 1762
Henry Budd 1808
Charles Maryon Wilson 1853
Jacob Hugo North 1877
John Ellerton 1885
J Edmond Long 1893
Robert C Cross 1925
John B C Hordern 1942
Horace W Nesling 1963
Ernest W M Excell 1970
(Terence John) Tim Pigrem 1995
Martin Kitchen 2008
Clive R Duxbury 2014
Robert D Stone 2020



Revd John Maryon was also Rector of Theydon Garnon between 1732 and 1752, he is buried in White Roding.


Inside the Church there is a memorial to the Revd Henry Budd who was also Chaplain to the Bridewell Hospital for 31 years.


Revd's Budd, North, Long and Cross are all buried in White Roding, there is a memorial to Revd Long's daughter inside the Church.


Revd John Ellerton was a Hymn writer, his most famous composition "The Day Thou Gavest Lord Has Ended".


Revd John B C Hordern was additionally Rector of Leaden Roding from 1939 until 1958 and in 1956 he became Rector of Abbess and Beauchamp Roding also.


Revd Nesling and Revd Excell were Rectors of Abbess, Beauchamp and White Roding.


Revd Tim Pigrem was Rector of Abbess, Beauchamp, Leaden and White Roding and became the first Rector of the South Rodings Parish when it was formed in 2004.

All Clergy from 2008 were appointed as Priest in Charge.

Revd Robert Stone is also Priest in Charge of High Easter, Good Easter, Margaret Roding, Aythorpe Roding, High Roding and Gt Canfield.