Parish Registers


None of the four Churches have historic Parish Registers in their possession. All registers with entries before c1880 were closed and deposited at the Essex Records Office, address as follows:


The Records Office
Wharf Road


Only the current volumes of Baptisms, Marriages, Burials and Banns are kept in the Parish. Most of the entries for Baptisms and Burials in the current volumes for Abbess and Leaden Roding go only about ten years at most. Beauchamp Roding's go back to 1960 and White Roding's go back the furthest to 1882 for Baptisms and 1924 for Burials. The oldest entries in the current Marriage Registers for all four Churches date back only to the 1990's The Banns books are a little older in most cases and go back to the 1930's.


Please note that the records for Beauchamp Roding dating from c1820 to 1960 were stolen from the Church so the Records Office do not have the originals but they do have Bishop's transcripts and the registers from before c1820.