List of Rectors of St Botolph Beauchamp Roding

William Lynch(e) 1524
Richard Morgan 1554
Robert Wyse 1556
Galfridus Phillips 1557
William Lynch(e) 1559
John Hotofte 1571
Richard Hoskins 1628
John Siday (Johannes Syday) 1642
John Siday 1689
??? 1704
??? 1710
John Siday 1720
??? 1752
William Wickstead  
Nicholas Layton 1776
Thomas Hammond Foxcroft 1795
Jonathan Tyers Barrett 1822
William Bond 1839
John Howard 1887
Charles L Capel Cure 1927
Roger T K Griffin 1949
John B C Hordern 1956
Horace W Nesling 1962
Ernest W Excell 1970
(Terence John) Tim Pigrem 1995
Martin Kitchen 2008
Clive R Duxbury 2014
Robert D Stone 2020


A number of Curates have also at times served the Parish:


Peter Barker Scott

William Charles Dyer 1814-22
Hugh White 1824-?? 
Richard Marsh White 1828-33
William Henry Bond 1874-??
J Howard 1882-87



All three Revd John Sidays are different, the first John Siday being the father of the second and the grandfather of the third.


The first Revd John Siday was also Rector of Holy Innocents Lamarsh from 1637 until 1670. During this time he lived mainly in Beauchamp Roding and this is said to account for the Church and Rectory in Lamarsh falling into disrepair during this time.


The date of the appointment of the Revd William Wickstead is unknown but it is know that he was appointed as Perpetual Curate of Berners Roding in 1766 and held both posts at the time of his death.


The Revd Nicholas Layton appears not to have resided in the Parish.


The Revd J T Barrett was appointed by the Widow of the Revd T H Foxcroft.


The Revd William Bond is buried in the Churchyard as is his wife, there are memorials to both him and his wife inside the Church. There are houses in the Villages named after him - "Bond Cottages".


The Revd J Howard was the last Rector to live in Beauchamp Roding. He served as Curate from 1882 until his appointment as Rector in 1887.


The Revd Charles L Capel Cure was appointed Rector of Abbess Roding in 1912, he became Rector of the joint Benefice of Abbess & Beauchamp Roding in 1927. The Beauchamp Roding Rectory was sold at this time.


Revd Roger Griffin was also Rector of Good Easter and Berners Roding as well as Abbess & Beauchamp, he lived in the Rectory at Good Easter.


Revd John B C Hordern was Rector of Leaden Roding 1939-58 and also White Roding from 1942.


Revd Nesling and Revd Excell were Rectors of Abbess, Beauchamp and White Roding.


Revd Tim Pigrem was Rector of Abbess, Beauchamp, Leaden and White Roding and became the first Rector of the South Rodings Parish when it was formed in 2004.

All Clergy from 2008 were appointed as Priest in Charge.

Revd Robert Stone is also Priest in Charge of High Easter, Good Easter, Margaret Roding, Aythorpe Roding, High Roding and Gt Canfield.