List of Rectors of St Edmund Abbess Roding


Gilbert de la Rye  1308  
John de Stokes 1361  
Hugo Blyth    
Robert Hanley 1455  
Henry Overdo 1458  
William Feltham 1467  
Richard Dene 1472  
John Barnsley 1473  
Thomas Howson 1474  
John Dale    
John Broke 1533  
Henry Bredkyrke         1557  
Matthew Dawson 1565  
Thomas Page 1587  
Henry Page 1600  
Thomas Thurloe 1612  
Nicholas Burton 1633  
Thomas Wood 1643  
John Crooke 1680  
John Pearson 1682  
Henry Haddon 1732  
John Hale 1739  
Henry Haddon    
William C Dyer 1786  
Thomas Dyer 1828  
William Curtler 1853  
Lawrence Capel Cure 1858  
Charles L Capel Cure 1912  
Roger T K Griffin 1949  
John B C Hordern 1956  
Horace W Nesling 1962  
Ernest W M Excell 1970  
(Terence John) Tim Pigrem 1995  
Martin Kitchen 2008  
Clive R Duxbury 2014  
Robert D Stone 2020  



Revd Thomas Thurloe was the father of John Thurloe (1616-68) Secretary of State during the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell.


Revd William Charles Dyer was appointed as Stipendiary Curate of Beauchamp Roding in 1814 in addition to his duties as Rector of Abbess Roding, it is assumed he continued this Curacy until a new Rector was appointed to Beauchamp Roding in 1822. He continued to live in Abbess Roding throughout this period.


Revd Thomas Dyer was the son of Revd William C Dyer and the grandson of Revd Henry Haddon. In 1831 he was appointed as Stipendiary Curate of Aythorpe Roding in addition to his duties as Rector of Abbess Roding. He received a stipend of £60 and continued to live in Abbess Roding during this Curacy.


Revd Charles L Capel Cure was the son of Revd Lawrence Capel Cure. In 1927 he became Rector of a united Benefice of Abbess and Beauchamp Roding.


Revd Roger Griffin was also Rector of Good Easter and Berners Roding as well as Abbess & Beauchamp, he lived in the Rectory at Good Easter.


Revd John B C Hordern was also Rector of Leaden Roding 1939-1958 and also Rector of White Roding from 1942.


Revd Nesling and Revd Excell were Rectors of Abbess, Beauchamp and White Roding. Revd Excell was the last Rector to live in Abbess Roding.


Revd Tim Pigrem was Rector of Abbess, Beauchamp, Leaden and White Roding and became the first Rector of the South Rodings Parish when it was formed in 2004.

All Clergy from 2008 onwards were appointed as Priest in Charge.

Revd Robert Stone is also Priest in Charge of High Easter, Good Easter, Margaret Roding, Aythorpe Roding, High Roding and Gt Canfield.