Planning Our Future

The Local Plan will guide the future growth of the Epping Forest district to 2033.

The Planning Our Future website is a one stop shop for you to find all the information about the draft Local Plan and what it means for Epping Forest district, as well as a quick and easy way for you to provide us with your feedback.

Get involved – visit the Planning Our Future website

I want your views

Councillor John Philip Planning Policy Portfolio Holder said: “The draft Local Plan will be the blueprint for the development and conservation within this area. It will guide the location of new housing, employment and infrastructure all the way up to 2033.”

A great place to live

Councillor Philip ended: “Tell me what you think and more importantly tell me why you think it. I need good solid reasons that we can use when we go before the planning inspector for our approval.” 

“Epping Forest is a great place to live. With your help we can keep it that way.” 

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If you require any further information please contact any member of the Public Relations Team by telephone on 01992 564140. 

Please contact EPPING FOREST DISTRICT COUNCIL for all up to date information.

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